Ava Louise Song ‘Skinny Legend Anthem’ Is Going Viral On TikTok – Millions of views a day and thousands of people featuring her song on their TikTok | @realavalouiise

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Ava Louise put out the song ‘Skinny Legend Anthem’ nearly a year ago! A move that shocked everyone, why would she start putting out music? The song didn’t do too well when it first dropped hitting less than 100,000 streams. But this shows to never give up, as this past week has been a wild one for her as her song is trending all over TikTok.

Over the last couple days over 5,000 people featured her song on their TikTok along with bringing in tens of millions of views.

Here is a couple of the viral TikToks:


Who hit different? ##prettygirls ##xyzbca

♬ Skinny Legend Anthem – Ava Louise

it’s skinny szn ##SnickersFixTheWorld ##wintervacay ##afterthefunction ##CepacolSickBeats ##xyzbca

♬ Skinny Legend Anthem – Ava Louise

my siblings>>yours (if this goes viral, we will give his snap) ##foryoupage ##fyp ##viral ##shykids

♬ Skinny Legend Anthem – Ava Louise

field trips in the city call for tik toks and corona. who y’all wifing tho

♬ Skinny Legend Anthem – Ava Louise

Here is the full song:

The music video:

Could she be the next Doja Cat?

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