Ava Louise Might Not Be Quarantining Herself But Here Are 10 Pictures That’ll Make You Wish You Were Stuck With Her During The Coronavirus – @realavalouiise

Update: Dr. Phil Girl / Skinny Legend Ava Louise Shares Story Of Rapper Lil Yatchy Groping Her When She Was A Minor

As you know by now, I’m a huge fan of Ava Louise. The way that she acts on TV and promotes herself is unlike anyone else. Some people might find it annoying, some might find it fake… but I find it entertaining.

You’ve probably watched her lick a toilet seat while starting the Coronavirus challenge on a private airplane but I know what you’re really thinking when you watched it…. This chick is a dime… Well.. That’s what most people were thinking.

Here are 10 pictures of her that’ll make you wish that Ava was locked up in quarantine with you:

Here is a video to top it off!

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