Ava Louise Just Tweeted Lana Rhoades That She’s Going To Meet Her In Person Tonight, After Lana and Mike Majlak Continue To Drag Her Name – Is It Going Down Tonight? Maybe DAZN Should Schedule A Fight! – @realavalouiise

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I’m not into making things bigger than they are but it seems like Ava Louise continues to be brought up every day by Lana Rhoades or Mike Majlak. I’m a huge Mike Majlak fan but I feel like he’s been dragging this girls name too much, and she’s finally fed up with it.

If you didn’t know Ava gave Mike a BJ. Mike was talking to Lana Rhoades at the time, and Lana ended up getting pissed off at Mike. Mike since then made everything right with Lana and the two of them are now dating.

For Ava, she’s been sitting back collecting followers from this… but I think she might finally be a little fed up and is ready to take this to another level!

After Lana continued to talk about Ava’s lips on Call Her Daddy’s stories on Instagram, she’s going to show up to her event tonight and ruin it.

Could we see a Lana Rhoades vs Ava fight? DAZN! This is calling your name. Could you imagine how much money the two of them would make if they ended up having a fight on DAZN? Million… Billions…. ZILLIONS of people would tune in to watch it.
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