Ava Louise Is Doing Everything She Can To Get The Coronavirus… Including Licking Airplane Toilet Seats | The Coronavirus Challenge @realavalouiise

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Welcome to 2020! Will you be attempting the Coronavirus Challenge?

Ava Louise has a song that’s bringing in millions of views every couple of days on TikTok, she has tons of clout from Dr.Phil, she might have sucked off Mike Majlak and gained tons of followers… That isn’t stopping her from trying to get to the next level.

She recently posted a new TikTok challenge of her licking a toilet seat in a plane and captioning it “Coronavirus Challenge” and… she’s been Tweeting over the last week about how much she wants the virus.

Ava.. you wild!

She went on to tweet that only poor people get the virus:

Ava will do anything to go viral and I love it! Although… I don’t think you’ll find me licking an airplane toilet anytime soon or any toilet of that matter.

Go you Ava! Do your thing.

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