Austin McBroom Just Made Bryce Hall His Bitch @BryceHall

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Everyones favorite TikTok pussy Bryce Hall just got made a bitch by Austin McBroom. This goes to show why people that put on ‘tough guy persona’ don’t know how to fight and really are just the biggest pussies in the world. That fight was a perfect example why you don’t talk shit to a grown man because that is the result you are going to get. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

Imagine training for three months day in and out or whatever and you go out and do that not even protecting yourself. You could have not even tell that Bryce has even trained for boxing he look worse than a blind man if you threw him out there.

It is going to be tough to come back from this for Bryce Hall, especially because of the tough guy schtick he puts on. It just pisses me off that this guy has some type of fame for dancing like an absolute fruit. It would be nice if Bryce falls off the face off the earth but unfortunately I can see Hall complaining that the sun was in his eye or some bullshit excuse.

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