AUSTIN FC! Alright Alright

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Austin FC is one of the newest teams coming to the MLS in 2021. 

Announced back in January, the city is buzzing with excitement! In addition to the team, A NEW state-of-the-art soccer stadium will be completed in spring before the upcoming season. This 20,000 seat will not just be home to Austin FC but a public park as well! The stadium will also be a thriving community space for sports, performances, a park, and events that will celebrate Austin’s heritage and culture.

Two Oak Ventures, the parent company that owns and operates Austin FC of Major League Soccer announced a expansion of its ownership group. It just so happens, one of its newest part-owners is non other than Matthew (FREAKING)



Yup… You heard it right.

Just when you thought you saw him ENOUGH standing at every University of Texas game, BASKETBALL,FOOTBALL,SOCCER, SOFTBALL for MEN’s AND WOMEN’s. He decides to really establish himself as not just the local celebrity, but the City of Austin’s GREATEST SON! He can do no wrong…

Alright, Alright, Alright! 

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