Atlanta police tried to arrest Tyler Matzek during Atlanta Braves World Series parade (Video)

Written by Doug Rush

Atlanta police tried to arrest Tyler Matzek during Atlanta Braves World Series parade (Video)

The job of the Atlanta police is definitely to try and make sure everyone stays safe and make sure nothing and happens.

However, it’s clear that this one Atlanta police officer clearly didn’t know who Tyler Matzek was. Because during the Atlanta Braves World Series championship parade, the one officer tried to arrest him because he thought he was a fan.

Thankfully, all order was restored and the left-handed reliever who was part of a dominant bullpen that helped the Braves win the 2021 World Series was allowed to re-join the team in the parade.

Although, shame on the officer for not knowing a World Series hero. Because without Matzek, that parade doesn’t happen.

The 30-year-old was 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA in four games with seven strikeouts in 5.1 innings pitched.

Earlier, fans were giving Matzek beers for him to drink during the parade.

At least the police didn’t try to arrest Freddie Freeman. A full-on riot would have happened at that parade.

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