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Atlanta Braves Organist Plays ‘Beat It’ as Walk Up Music for Toronto Blue Jays Catcher, Who Was Arrested for Public Masterbation

Well, talk about public humiliation at its finest.

In yesterday’s game between the Atlanta Braves and the Toronto Blue Jays, the organist for Atlanta put in a special song for Toronto catcher Reese McGuire.

In an article by Clay Travis, the organist would play the famous Michael Jackson song, ‘Beat It’ for McGuire for his walk-up music. It was both hilarious and embarrassing at the same time.

The main reason why the organist had that song for him was because it was in reference to when McGuire was caught and arrested back in February’s Spring Training for public masterbation.

The incident was caught on tape and it was shared via TMZ.

After he was arrested, McGuire was on a dash cam video and told the officer, “I realized, what an idiot. What a dumb place to be hanging out.”

The 25-year-old catcher plead guilty to a second degree misdemeanor charge and has paid fines since.

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