As Someone Who Owns A Lot Of $Penn, Thank You Dave Portnoy @stoolpresidente

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I own a shit ton of Penn National Gaming. When it dropped to about $5 I started buying. I mean, a shit ton in my world isn’t anything near what some people own.

But I can tell you this, I made more money today from $Penn than I will writing on this blog this week. I can promise you that. So if I’m able to make in a day what I do in a week from a stock, I call that winning.

I’m an average person, trying to make some extra money. I have been enjoying running this sports website, Pro Sports Extra since 2011 and I am able to make a living, but I tell you what, buying Penn National Gaming low is is the second best decision of my life. The stock seems to ONLY GO UP.

Thank you David!

To Dave Portnoy:


Cheers brother!

For those wondering, the stock hit a high of $79.74 today.

See you on a yacht someday David.

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