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As of Sunday Evening, “Zillion Beers” is at $1.3M – $200K Needed Before Midnight TONIGHT

America’s latest and most favorite couple may need a little bit of a miracle if they would like an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, per Dave Portnoy:

Dana B has been marketing his great idea all over the Twittersphere – as he keeps introducing more merchandise to his product line of T-Shirts. Dana B also has his Venmo out for anyone who wishes to donate to him – and he’ll purchase a bulk order of his apparel to give away.

Do you love NASCAR? Get a load of this:

He’s even getting some help from his brethren at Barstool:

Now, ladies & gentlemen, it’s plain and simple. I got my hands on a “Zillion Beers” Shirt by making my purchase on Friday evening. You can do the same, the link to make a purchase is right here.

I’m for love, and I’m for happiness.

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