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As if Derailing the 2018-’19 Boston Celtics Wasn’t Enough, Kyrie Irving is Leading the Charge to Cancel the Rest of the NBA Season

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Of course Kyrie is the guy leading the charge here. He’s now doing to the NBA what he did to the Boston Celtics. Kyrie Irving isn’t even playing in Orlando due to his shoulder surgery in March. I understand he’s the VP of the NBAPA, but pull it together Kyrie. The fact that such a self absorbent, holier than thou, ego maniac is a leader amongst the players is troubling, to say the least.

The question has to be asked, is Kyrie Irving the greatest homewrecker this world has ever seen? He got out of dodge in Cleveland and left them with the all but guaranteed looming departure of Lebron. He came to Boston and got jealous that the kids were succeeding while he was hurt, so much so that he opted to leave game 7 of the ECF to get a nose job, following that act by poisoning the locker room the following season AFTER asking Celtics season ticket holders if “they would have him” back for a contract extension.

Now he’s turned his sights to the entire NBA. The final boss in the video game you’ve been grinding on campaign mode for 30 hours. I’d like to be perfectly clear that Kyrie doesn’t even have the intention of playing in Orlando due to a March shoulder surgery (and that his binkie KD is shut down too) and here he is voicing concerns over the “NBA Bubble Plan”.

Not since Yoko Ono have I seen one individual poison a group like this. Judas himself is blushing over Kyrie’s drive to search and destroy everything he comes in contact with. If we don’t have NBA basketball this season, you likely have Kyrie to thank for it.

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