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As a diehard Detroit Lions fan… Evan Foxy.. Please… Please… Stay A Steelers Fan – @evanfoxy

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A couple of weeks ago Evan Foxy who is on The Pat McAfee show announced that he has a new favorite team … aka a winning team and a team that he thought would make a playoff run. He decided to be a Steelers fan.

Foxy before was a well known and liked Detroit Lions fan. He’s been in videos on the news celebrating wins. Similar to myself. But now? I think he needs to stay in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh has done nothing but lose since Foxy announced it.

Foxy tweeted before the game that there is no way they lose… They’re now down 17-0.

I’ve always called myself “Terrible Luck Trevor” but this guy… this guy… his luck is worse than mine. Steelers went from considered one if not the best teams in the NFL to a complete and udder 11-2 [3] embarrassment.

Remember when they were 11-0?

Oh yeah. That was from before Foxy switched over. What a loser.

Maybe this means that if Foxy stays a Steelers fan that Detroit will have a winning season next year? I mean.. How can Foxy go back to Detroit after this?

I mean you announce you’re going to be a Steelers fan and then next up they collapse? Damnn..

Stay a Steelers fan Foxy…… Or wait… Foxy how about you become a Packers fan? Will they start losing? That’d be sick.

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