Aroldis Chapman is Trying to Throw 120 MPH this Season

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In a picture that surfaced on Sunday, Yankees’ closing pitcher, Aroldis Chapman, was playing dominoes while quarantined, and showing everyone in the world that he went a bought a pair of anchor arms from Spongebob.

Step aside Randy Johnson. Aroldis Chapman is the new Big Unit and no one is ever questioning that ever again. For those of you who need a quick run down of how Chapman used to look, below is a picture of him from a 2009 ESPN article.

I’m not much of a betting man myself, but if I were, I would bet every cent I have to my name, that even in a shortened season, this man will break his own record for the fastest fastball in MLB history, literally just based off what he has transformed into. The man’s a monster, and just like 90% of baseball fans (probably), I’m pissed he’s on the Yankees.

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