Are you on team Conor or team Dustin in the donation beef?

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Yeah remember when Conor and Dustin were borderline romantic partners before their last fight? I think that might be over, as the two have gotten into it over twitter in the last day or so. Please allow yourself to get caught up.

It seems like we got a real he said, she said on our hands, but I lean team Dustin. What’s more likely, Dustin Poirier and his team didn’t have the time to whip up a quick email explaining what they’d do with 500 thousand dollars, or Conor McGregor got knocked out and said fuck this donation. I’m sorry, but I just refuse to believe that the charity didn’t have a plan for what they’d do with 500k. Like even if they didn’t they could probably just lie and get the money. I guess this is a start of a new anti-McGregor narrative: Does Conor McGregor hate impoverished children? Find out at UFC 264 on July 10!

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