Are We Not Going To Talk About How the Denver Nuggets Twitter Account Flat Out Disrespected Carmelo Anthony? @nuggets

Written by schultzyca

I saw this earlier in the day the Denver Nuggets official Twitter account tweeted out asking the fans their favorite Nuggets of All Time. They included a list of five players, two of which I have no idea who they are but none the less someone very important to the Nuggets franchise is missing, who you might ask? Carmelo Anthony.

I get it Melo might not be a ‘popular’ fan favorite but he has to be the best Nugget in their franchise history right? I just feel this is a dig at Melo in some way our they are trying to stick it to him in some way. He did not treat the franchise well at the end of his tenure forcing his way out I get that but these teams and front offices do some of these players dirty so that is why I am always pro player, get what you want and be happy. These organizations do not care they are ultimately looking to see how they can the most dollars out of certain players, its a dirty grimy game. To not include Melo in this list at the very least shows that the Nuggets still have some ill-will towards Carmelo, and who knows he could feel the same way about them too.

It is just crazy to me that some Nuggets fans have vilified Melo, he arguably brought them some of the most exciting times in their franchise history. Just be grateful and happy that the Pistons made a mistake and did not draft him. I feel people forget how dominate he was in a Nuggets uniform.

I’d say bringing them to the playoffs in the seven years that he was their is a pretty good run, considering the fact that before that it was an absolute miserable time being a Nugget fan. Also you kind of have to thank Melo and the Knicks for the haul that you got for him. You’re franchise is in a better position after you traded him. Enjoy these clips of Melo being Melo.

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