Are The Paul Brothers The New Faces Of Boxing?

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It goes without saying this but Logan and Jake Paul have inserted themselves as the BIGGEST names in all of professional boxing. Their fights are bringing in numbers similar to the NFL. That’s a lot of paper for two guys who have made their livings off of YouTube.

Logan Paul says he can beat Floyd Mayweather in fight; maybe he can

Many boxing “purists” say that these two are making a mockery of the sport and that they don’t belong anywhere in the ring. I say WRONG. The sport of boxing has been stagnant and boring since 2015 when Floyd Mayweather retired. Boxing’s biggest matches since them have almost all come from some sort of a, “sideshow” type of match. I mean just accept it the Paul brothers put asses in seats and will continue to do so until they get bored and find another hobby to make millions in.

Jake Paul is still undefeated and has a fight coming sometime this year with another UFC fighter. Jake seems to lay more on the side of caution when he picks his fights which doesn’t sit well with a lot of fans but he gets results and sells the hell out of tickets/promotion. Logan on the other side just seems to be quite fond of getting his bell rung. He’s still winless but his fights are all against higher competition that allows him to sell the fuck out of.

And for those who say the Paul’s are “disrespecting the sport” take a look at this video and let me know how “disrespectful it really is.

This family means business and business is BOOMING. I’m all in on the Paul brothers and you should be too!

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