Arch Manning Plans Visits For Multiple Top Schools

Hope you aren’t sick of the Manning family because they aren’t going anywhere. Arch Manning, the son of Cooper Manning and the nephew of both Eli and Payton Manning, is about to have his turn in the spotlight. Just like everyone else in that family, Arch plays football and he’s pretty damn good at playing the sport. Arch the number one quarterback in the class of 2023 and is going to be a stud.

He doesn’t have any social media (smart guy) and no one knows much about him. Arch is about to be a junior and is planning college visits with schools such as Clemson, SMU, Texas, Alabama, and Georgia. He has some other schools he wants to check out but three schools that were left off the list are really surprising. There isn’t Ole Miss, where Eli played and no Tennessee which is where Payton played. Also no LSU, which is shocking considering that is where Arch plays high school football. Hell, Tennessee’s last hope of being relevant is getting Arch Manning.

Honestly, let’s just hope Arch doesn’t choose Alabama. Bama is already spoiled enough and at that point, why even watch? Can’t wait to see how this kids career turns out.


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