Apples are trending on Twitter

So I’m scrolling through twitter and I see things like Granny Smith, Pink Lady, and Red Delicious are trending. It’s a Wednesday in May so I guess we’ve just decided to debate apple selection on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer debates over fruit then other circular mindless conversations about BS like COVID Vaccines and Bitcoin, but wow do I still not care about the apple debate.

First off, before seeing this graphic I don’t think too many people, myself included, could name one type of apple besides granny smith, and I only remember that one because the name is silly. And I guarantee you that most of the people chiming in on this debate couldn’t pass a blind taste test of these stupid things. You’re telling me Veronica from Long Island knows the difference between a Macintosh and a Fuji? Get out of here. Seriously, the only thing worse than tweeting about your preference of apple is sitting down to write a blog about the people who are doing it. I’m garbage.


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