Anyone hating on Aljo Sterling is an Idiot

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Ok, I understand that twitter/the internet is a terrible place with zero positivity, but the reaction to the Sterling/Yan fight is still deplorable. Somehow the narrative of this fight has become that Sterling was getting his ass kicked for four rounds, and then took an illegal knee as an excuse to get Yan DQed and win the title. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

First lets talk about the fight. I’m not gonna deny the fact that Yan had the momentum going into rounds 4/5, but it seems to be lost on people how competitive the first two rounds were. Aljo was the agressor both of those rounds, and Yan really didn’t have any moments besides the brief knockdown in the first. One judge even had both of those rounds scored for Sterling, so to act like Aljo was getting his ass beat for the entire fight is one one of the stupidest things anyone could do.

Now onto the whole ‘acting’ thing… this has to be a joke right? Did you see that knee? That was a clean bomb to a downed opponent who wasn’t expecting it. There’s no way Sterling could have fought after that! If you think he could have, I encourage you to get on all fours and take a knee from an angry Russian and see what happens. You probably won’t be getting back up either.

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