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Antonio Brown Suspended After Arguing With Mayock. Raiders Want a Refund.

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Well, the Antonio Brown saga continues. 

What are you doing Antonio? This is a question we all started asking last December and continued to ask everyday since then.

Here is a quick recap timeline

-Brown skips practice and a game with his then team, the Steelers, because he is mad at Roethlisberger or something like that. Ok?

-Brown demands a new contract and a trade because he is mad that everyone is mad at him because he literally skipped the most important game of the season. Ok…

-Antonio Brown dies his mustache blonde. Ok….?

-The Raiders, despite all a forementioned, decide to trade for him. Nothing can possibly go wrong, right?

-Brown gets into it with the NFL because they want him to use a safer helmet.

-Brown skips practice because of his helmet situation.

-Brown is fined for skipping practice and complains about it on social media.

-Antonio Brown is suspended from the Raiders due to arguing with GM Mike Mayock over said fine.

Sounds pretty typical. If you skip work, you get punished. That is what is happening here. Apparently nobody has ever told that to Antonio Brown.

If you think this sounds crazy, you’re not alone. Antonio Brown has been nothing but a circus act for nine months. The Steelers are dancing right now. Not only did they get rid of this headache, they also received a 3rd and 5th Round Draft pick in what many (me) are calling the deal of the millennium.

I would have to imagine that Mayock is having some serious buyer’s remorse on this one. Not only did he give up the draft pick, the Raiders also gave him a 3-year, $50+million contract. 

Hopefully for Antonio’s health, there is nothing seriously wrong with him. Sounds kind of crazy to say, but hopefully he is just an idiot diva and isn’t dealing with something serious like CTE.

Moral of the story: Don’t trade for someone that dyes their mustache blonde.

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