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Antifa Assaults a Group of Street Preachers in Los Angeles (Video)

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First off, happy 4th of July and all of us at PSE wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend!

However with all the festivities going around in your own town, there were plenty of fireworks on display between a group of street preachers and Antifa thugs.

A tweet by Andy Ngo post last Saturday shows a video of that group of preachers being confronted by Antifa just minding their own business until the thugs attack them with pepper spray, threats, and later by a skateboard.

You can see in the video above that the group had their sign being forcefully taken by the thugs, and were pelted with garbage and other debris from it.

Along with the skateboard, there was also one man being assaulted with shoes and sometimes Antifa’s own fists.

What’s also alarming about this video was that, even though sirens were blaring, there were no police around to break up the scuffle until the very end. Pretty disturbing stuff.

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