Anthony Joshua STINKS!

I dont know everything about boxing nor do I watch everything on boxing. I do know i’m a huge Deontay Wilder fan though. That guy rules he walks down to the squared circled looking an acting like King T’Challa should be as King of Wakanda. So last night I tuned into the Anthony Joshua and Ruiz fight not because of Ruiz, but so many people told me how Joshua is the real contender to Wilder’s crown and how the lad from England could tarnish Wilder’s undefeated record (41-0-1 40 KO’s). LOL they were and are big time wrong.

So some background, Joshua was always weird about fighting on US soil for some reason. That reportedly was always the biggest hang up in a fight against Wilder. Wilder wanted the fight in the states and Joshua wanted it elsewhere. So last night was a big deal to a lot of boxing fans in the US, myself included as this was Joshua’s introduction here in the states. He came in with a record of 22-0 with 21 KO’s,  including beating Wladimir Klitschko, who had long had a strangle hold on European Boxing with his dominance. Originally last night at “The Mecca” Madison Square Garden he was suppose to fight Jarrell Miller but Miller couldn’t because he failed a drug test. So stepped in Anthony Ruiz Jr. who was no slouch with a record of 31-1 with 20 KO’s, but was an overwhelming underdog with odds of 20-1 against Joshua. LOL then he won!

I mean units respect units but as a fellow fat guy how does Joshua lose to a guy that looks like he works at a construction site but doesn’t do any of the physical labor and just holds the slow down sign as cars pass. I mean Joshua looks like he was created in a laboratory and he lost to a guy with some awful tattoos. Credit to my Aunt for giving me this analogy but this would have been like if we had a fight of Governors between Schwarzenegger and that Fat fupa  fuck Christ Christie, and Christie wins hahaha. Joshua needs a one way ticket out of this country and should go back to Britain. That guy fucking stinks and it was a joke he lost to a fighter that took this fight basically with just over a months notice.

Put respect on Deontay Wilder’s name the man’s the champ for a reason. Wilder mentioned before his last fight that in boxing you can legally kill a man in the ring and get paid for it. My man Ruiz might have done that last night to Joshua’s reputation as a big time fighter. Just goes to show as usual I’m right, I said before the Wilder and Joshua fight Wilder should fight Tyson Fury in a rematch of their super competitive fight from December and thankfully it looks we are gonna get that fight soon. 

As for Joshua, who gives a shit! Apparently he had an automatic rematch clause in the contract against Ruiz in case he lost (Spoiler he did) lol. So he will probably beat Ruiz in the rematch but it doesn’t  matter. The bloom is off the rose with him here in the states. He should stay in Europe and fight in soccer stadiums against guys no ones gives a shit about and leave the prize fighting up to The Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder.

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