Anthony Davis “I see myself as the best player in the league” (Video)

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Anthony Davis might be considered one of the top talents in the NBA, but according to him he is the best in the league. In a recent interview with ESPN Davis talks about why he is better than LeBron James and Kevin Durant. And some even think it could be Giannis for MVP. But I’m not here to discuss my opinion, but rather share what Davis said.

So if you’d rather skip to the video click here.

“Honestly, I see myself as the best player in the league, the most dominant player in the league. I just think it’s time for that step. You know, you only get a short window, and I don’t want that window to close, so I think my time is now.”

When he was asked why he is better than LeBron James and Kevin Durant he replied:

“Don’t get me wrong, those two are great players. But, I don’t think… um… I bring something unique to the table. My game is different than both of those guys. Both ends of the floor. Both MVP candidate and Defensive Player of the Year candidate. So that’s why I feel like my name should be at the top of that list.”

When asked about winning:

“Well, I think it’s a big part. Winning definitely helps everything; It helps with your legacy; It helps to be on the top of that list. So, for me, yes people see everything that I do, but not going far in the playoffs, or going to the playoffs every three years doesn’t help my case.”

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