Another Fight Breaks Out Amongst Cubs Fans, This Time at Wrigley Field

For the second time this month, the fanbase of the Chicago Cubs were involved in another fight. This time it involved amongst each other Saturday afternoon at Wrigley Field. 

One video posted below by Barstool Sports Chicago and by Carl on Twitter captures what it appeared to be a scuffle on the centerfield bleachers. 

The fight eventually escalated as it sent one fan flying down a couple rows, landing on his back. 

What made the video more viral was the stunned reaction by Cubs centerfielder Albert Almora. 

There was also a second video of what happened in the aftermath of guy falling down the bleachers. 

(Video is posted in the link below) 

All the recent fights that Cubs fans were involved in — whether it was with each other or against their rival Chicago White Sox fans — it has not provided a good light on them as of recently. 

We hope as baseball fans hope that guy who fallen down was okay, but it really adds to the other unnecessary fights and altercations that they all are involved in.  

The Cubs, however, would go on to defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates 10-4, but all the buzz that will be going around are about the recent fights that the team’s fanbase have been taken account of so far. 


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