Another day another Knick fan getting kicked out of MSG – @woty23

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James Dolan proves once again that his skin is as thin as a plastic bag. Knicks were down fifteen when some fans started chanting “Sell the team” and right on cue Dolan sent his minions to kick the fans out.

The Knicks are a constant laughing stock and James Dolan always finds a way to give the media content and something to talk about. In this world, nothing is certain but death, taxes, and drama involving the Knicks… there is nothing worse than being a fan of this sorry franchise its nothing short of embarrassing at this point. Dolan kicking out fans who are attending these blowout losses night in and night out is just so sad, and thats what the Knicks are a sorry franchise. He cares far more about what the fans have to say than about what the team actually does.

These fans are kings in my eyes and should be treated as so, here is a suggestion I have for Knicks fans if we want to have James sell the team; DON’T GO TO ANY GAMES. I know that is a tall task and will never happen because MSG is always sold out every night but the message would be heard loud and clear. I commend these fans because this could be the start to a revolution us Knick fans need to stick together lets get James Dolan to SELL THE TEAM.

A funny thing is that this picture is taken right outside the famous entrance that Spike Lee has been going through for the past twenty-eight years LOL.

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