‘Angry Bagel Guy’ Chris Morgan Calls Out Logan and Jake Paul – Jake Paul offers $100K To Fight? @ChrisMorganThe1 @LoganPaul @JakePaul

I’m sure you remember The Angry Bagel Guy (Chris Morgan) from earlier this summer and if you don’t click that link and you can find out his story. But I’m sure if you clicked on this you know his story so let’s jump forward.

The main host of The #1 Podcast in the World ImpaulsiveLogan Paul agreed to fight “The Angry Bagel Guy” and according Bagel Guy: Logan Paul has went silent regarding the fight and Jake Paul won’t stop talking shit either.

Well…. not silent anymore. Logan Paul had a few short jokes to fire back.

Then Jake Paul jumped in, offering to fight for $100,000.

What will happen next?

Will there be a fight?

I mean… I think everyone wants to see it. Let’s go Bagel Man, show up to Jakes house.

Make sure you sign a waiver Bagel man, hell $100,000? You should be in a plane and on your way to his Team 10 mansion.

While you’re at it Bagel Man be sure to promote

to get your free Team 10 chain😂 – I hope Jake Paul RT’s for that badass promotion, and also Rate 1000 ⭐️ on Impaulsive – you’re welcome Logan.

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