Anastasia Knight Missing? Dead? Or Alive?

We continue to attempt to figure out what is going on with Adult Actress Anastasia Knight.

We reported two months ago that reports started floating around about an apparent suicide. Then we learned she might be missing. Then we started hearing that she is alive. [Click here to read the original post]

People are thinking that she might have wanted a break from the industry.

The last time Anastasia Knight posted from her Twitter account was in May 2019. Around that time, she informed her last agency, LA Direct Models, that she intended to take time off from performing. [Click here to read the original post]

Although we can’t guarantee that she’s alive – websites and others on Twitter are still reporting that she passed away. Although all of these reports are conflicting. It’s hard to tell the truth.

But basically from what we know – websites are still reporting her as passing away. [Click here to watch a tribute for her on YouTube]

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