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An Eva Marie Pictorial- Why WWE Needs To Bring Her Back ASAP!

Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live Would Improve Tenfold With an Eva Marie Presence

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I’d be lying if I said Eva Marie’s first run in WWE was very memorable. In fact, she spent more time making a name for herself on the E! Network’s show Total Divas. With that said, it really seemed that they were starting to build with something there for a while. Every time she would come out for a match on RAW, she would find a reason at the last minute not to be able to wrestle. Whether it was feigning in an injury, a wardrobe malfunction (as seen below), the beginning of a storyline was starting to take place.

Unfortunately due to an alleged botched drug test, Eva Marie split ways with the company. However, she left on good terms and it appeared that the door was left open if she wanted to return. It has been reported that she has signed a WWE contract and could be appearing any day now. My guess is that it will be some time after WrestleMania.

I am 100% in support of an Eva Marie return. I don’t even care if they push her to the moon right off the bat. While Eva has certainly honed her skills a bit working out at the WWE Performance Center, the bottom line is that she has a charisma to her that most of the female WWE stars do not have. Hulk Hogan was not the greatest pure wrestler of his time, but he is still considered one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time.

A big part of the reason that the Attitude Era was so successful is because of the phrase “sex sells.” That statement could not be more true. While WWE is certainly a bit more tasteful these days in regards to the product that they put out, they can still push the envelope from time to time. Putting Eva Marie at the front of the Women’s division can only help attract more male viewers. Why? Well, I encourage you to look below at the pictures of Eva Marie. The woman is a damn smoke show.

Vince, it’s time to pull the trigger. Let’s see Eva Marie on Monday Nights as soon as possible!

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