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I can’t stand when someone is on TV talking about something they don’t know. That was clear when Amy Trask was talking about Detroit Lions Jamal Agnew‘s punt return for a touchdown during Saturday’s Lions game.

After the touchdown a Lions player, Mike Ford, was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. He looked to be standing over a Tampa Bay player, flexing.. Down by over 40.

Ford was lucky that the play wasn’t called back.

And Amy Trask decides to say that there shouldn’t have been a flag on the play and that Agnew did nothing wrong.

Guess what…. Agnew did nothing wrong. The flag wasn’t on him.

How about doing some research before you speak about something that you haven’t a clue about?

How is she on TV? I mean.. I get making mistakes. But simple ones like this? When you’re trying to have a hot take saying that flags shouldn’t be called at that point, no matter what?

Just go do a simple search Amy! Isn’t that hard. Do your job better.

Do better Amy.

Listen.. I get that all of Amy’s followers are going to say that this is sexist. It’s not. Do some research, I’ve said similar things about Rob Parker and others in the sports industry. I get Amy’s background with Oakland.


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