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Playing in the NBA, the world’s most prestigious basketball league is a dream of every basketball player. Especially if we are talking about countries, who have a little playing culture in this sport. The annual draft which takes place every year to select various players for the professional league is the chance for every player.

India has never been famous for generating world-class basketball players. The country has never made an appearance in the FIBA World Cup and only participated once in the Olympic Games in 1980. The only titles for the country have been three gold medals at South Asian games.

However, Amjyot Singh Gill is one of the unique players in India who became the first player to sign a professional contract abroad. He almost made a breakthrough in the NBA and considered it to be his ultimate dream; however, it failed to materialize. This article will talk about the most renowned basketball player in India.

Early career

Amjyot Singh Gill was born in Chandigarh in 1992. His father was a former player of the Indian national basketball team, and his mother was also an athlete. Initially, Singh was involved in cricket which is considered to be the most popular sport in India, but the injury hampered him playing cricket for 3 months. Eventually, he joined the high school basketball team in 2007, and as he recalls, he did not know the rules event at that time.

Standing at 6.8ft and 229lb his athleticism soon attracted the attention of the prestigious Ludhiana Basketball Academy. He was an integral part of the team and garnered huge attention. 

Professional career

Singh signed a professional contract with the Japanese Tokyo Excellence in 2015. Once again, he became the first Indian player alongside Amritpal Singh to play professionally abroad. He was averaging 18 points 10 rebounds and 4 blocks per game.

Considering this massive success for India, the country less-known for basketball, he was widely acclaimed in his homeland. We can further bolster this fact by the reaction of Indian casinos, the industry which was still in its infancy at that time. We all know how gratifying it is for an ordinary citizen to have a player outside, playing outstanding basketball and strengthening the team. This was the case with Singh. Indian casino online

providers were so delighted with the fellow citizen that they offered specific bets on Singh to attract people’s attention further. We should say this proved to be an effective strategy, and even more Indian citizens became aware of Amjyot’s game.

He continued to impress people further. In 2017 Singh became a member of the Oklahoma City Blue which competes in the NBA G League. We should say he was met with anticipations but unfortunately failed to impact the team. He was waived by the team in 2018 but was re-signed five days later. 

The next team for the Indian player was Wisconsin Herd, which is an affiliate of the Milwaukee Bucks. He recalls that his exclusive dream was to play in the NBA but could not accomplice that. He called everyone to pursue their dreams and defeating obstacles on their way. 

While Singh is currently 28 and has not played in the NBA, he is an example for every Indian player. We can remember Satnam Singh Bhamara who became the first player to be drafted in the NBA by the Dallas Mavericks in 2015. So it can be said he was a major inspiration for a lot of youngsters.

National team

Singh is a part of the national team, making a first senior appearance in 2011. At the FIBA Asia Championship, he was a starter for India, averaging 9.6 points and 6.9 rebounds and his team finished the route with 2-6 record. 

He was also a part of the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship where he really impressed. He had most minutes, points, blocks and rebounds for his team and was the second-best scorer of the tournament.

In 2016 he competed at the William Jones Cup and was excepted to be the team’s top scorer.


Singh has played an important role in his country. While his ultimate goal to play in the most prestigious league did not materialize, he is a huge motivation for successive players. While cricket still remains the most popular sport in India most youngsters are now turning to basketball, hoping to make an appearance in the NBA. 

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