American football and general knowledge about it

In the US, American football is again the most popular sport. American football is played by two teams (11 per team), with the power to attack and defend. The players pass the ball by hand, placing the ball behind the opponent’s cross line. This sport seems very interesting but no less dramatic. It seems that this sport is a bit similar to British Rugby.

History of American football 

This sport is played a lot in America, so it can be said that it comes from America. It later spread to England, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia. Today the sport has improved a number of new rules to be trendy, and to ensure player safety. 

American football is closely related to Canadian football but has some differences in the rules of the game and many other characteristics. In the US, some of the main forms of football are high school football, college football and professional football, which are essentially the same but differ in some points in the rules of the game. The National Football League (NFL) is the professional form of the sport; It consists of a total of 32 teams, divided into eight divisions. Each team plays 16 games in a regular season. The NFL is considered by many to be the number 1 professional betting sport, not only in the United States but globally. If you are a bettor you can head to KUCASINO – an online sports betting site that offers a wide range of betting options and bet types.

Each American football player must have the following equipment

  • Protective gloves
  • The helmet has a protective piece of iron attached
  • Proper protective clothing
  • Protective boots.
  • Shoulder pads

The main tournaments in the US include:

  • National Football League: professional league
  • College Football: amateur leagues played by universities.
  • National Football Conference
  • American Football Conference
  • Vince Lombardi Trophy: Cup is officially awarded to the rugby tournament.

The most important elements of this game are speed and muscle. The player must be as fast as possible, avoiding the defenses to place the ball. Therefore, touch and injury while playing is inevitable. The fact of the matter is that American football is a sport that uses a lot of force and has a lot of impact, so the players are always at risk of injury like knee tanks; Hips, shoulders, ankles, and fingers are also often bruised. The average time a player plays in this game is often very short and players often hang off their shirts with chronic pain. These pains can continue for a long time after the player has left the field.

The field is 100 yards (approximately 91 m) long, divided into 20 sections of 5 yards (4.5 m), marked by 19 long white lines across the field. Between the long lines are four rows of short lines, each row of 4 bars separated by 1 yard (approximately 1 m). The last section at each end of the court is called the end-zone, 10 yards (9.1 m) long, usually diagonal red stripe separated by a long white line called the goal line. The end of the goal area is the end line, followed by the goal posts.

The  goal posts are placed in the center of the course, 10 feet high. Above there is a bar 18 feet 6 inches long, the ends of the crossbar are two vertical bars 30 feet high. In total, the entire football field is 120 yards (109 meters) long and 53 1/3 yards (48 m) across. From the penalty line, every 10 yards, the court will be marked with a 10, 20, 30, 40 number until the center of the field is 50.

An American football team can be up to 40-50 people, divided into 3 small teams, including:

– Attack team

– Defense team

Mixed team or special team.

The 7 above rows of people include the center one standing in the middle, the two sides are two giant midfielders (guard), next to the two midfielders are two guys who undertake a big tackle, and the outside. are two wide receivers.

The quarterback will stand behind the pitcher. Behind the captain is midfielder (halfback or running back) or defender (fullback).

Two tight-end will stand behind the catcher and the big kicker. Although they can use different compositions depending on the situation, the number of players in the top row must be a minimum of 5 people.

American football rules

In terms of the basic rules of American football, the attacking team plays four times, and tries to get the ball 10 yards forward (per yard = 0.91m). If after 4 plays but fail to reach 10 yards, the ball must be returned to the other team.

And your team will replace all defensive players, and replace 11 attacking players, and your team does the opposite, replacing all 11 attacking players with 11 defensive players. If in those 4 plays one of the two teams goes 10 yards or more, they will get 4 more plays. Like that, if the attacking team gets the ball to the opponent’s bottom line, it gets 6 points – called a “Touchdown” ball.

After each score, 7 points (Touch down) and 3 points (Field goal), the ball must be returned to your team, by kicking the ball from the center of the field towards the other team’s field. And it’s your team’s turn to attack, and your team to defend. There are two major football leagues in the US, the NFL (National Football League) and the College Football (College Football) professional league of universities competing against each other.

How to play American football  the right way

Teams have the responsibility to score points by placing the ball behind the edge of the opponent’s field. Then, the team will be credited 6 points when the ball is brought towards the goal as well as the goal-scoring line of the opponent.

If it is not possible to bring the ball to that area, the team can convert into a kick into the goal. After each kick on a goal the team will be awarded 1 point. A team’s successful free kick will be awarded 3 points when the ball hits the post and is above the crossbar.

Because of the competitive nature, American football is very dangerous. The players are equipped with full-face helmets and armor, protective gear of all kinds to make them more confident, look like warriors in battle.With the fierce competition of the two teams to win, there is a distinct attraction and drama for this sport. And as a matter of fact, American football has always reached the top of the sports with the largest fan base in America, especially the sports betting world. Check out ty le keo nha cai to learn more about odds and to bet. Above is a few facts about American football, hopefully the article has provided you with some useful information.

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