Am I Still a Toronto Fan?

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What do to when you move away from the sports capital of the country as a die hard fan?

At the end of October I moved from near Toronto to Fredericton, New Brunswick. As a die hard Leafs fan and a huge Raps and Blue Jays fan what do you do?

With the possibility of watchin games in person out of the picture, unable to find consistent broadcasting and feeling disconnected from your sports city it can be hard to remain as passionate about your teams as before.

Sure you can follow the games on Twitter, check the scores, read the articles but can you really be a fan if you don’t see them play?


I’m bringing Toronto to the east coast. I will force the Leafs news down every persons throat.

For you, Pro Sports Extra readers, I got more reason and drive to write about Toronto sports now. I got to stay connected somehow. So if you’re a fan of the Leafs, Raptors or Blue Jays you’re going to love me.

Also going to dive into all hockey, from the CHL to the NHL, PGA, MLL, NLL, a whole list of pop culture topics and pretty much anything else.


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