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All Pro Sports Extra followers, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jared Riegler but you guys can call me “Riegz” for short. I am a recent Towson University graduate with a degree in Sport Management, (Yes I know that rhymes but I wouldn’t get used to it). Since the day I came out of the womb you would see me holding a ball in my hand or running around the fields. That passion has stuck with me for 22 years now and won’t stop anytime soon.

I have had the opportunity throughout college to intern for a few different sports teams including the New York Mets and Navy Athletics

in the marketing departments.

I have also had the privilege of running the regional baseball tournaments in my hometown for 5 years. I have been all over the map regarding sports and am glad it has lead me to this position with Pro Sports Extra. Writing about my favorite things is second nature to me and I am glad I am able to do so now.

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Living in New York many would think I have seen my team win at least a few championships, WRONG! Growing up I was raised a “JIM” fan which is what we call it here on Long Island. That means I am a Jets, Mets, and Islanders fan along with the Knicks, so basically I am a bonafide loser in the sports world having seen about 7 playoff series with my combined 4 teams. In my sports world I am always preparing for what can be a “Bright future” and for 22 years now I am still waiting on that so called bright future with my teams. Something I am very proud of is being able to rip apart my own teams and take the jokes you fans want to throw my way. My hope is that this can be a two way relationship between myself and you guys, the fans of Pro Sports Extra. I hope you guys read my blogs but also interact with me via Twitter.

My goal here is to bring everyone sports and social media entertainment. Along with recent updates from the sports world I plan to stay on top of the great comedy that Instagram and Twitter bring us today. Hope you like some good humor and can take a joke because the videos I find will be nothing short of an electric factory for everyone.

If you want to follow my twitter my handle is @RiegzPSE. Hope you guys enjoy what I will be bringing to the table!!

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Jared Riegler

Sports fanatic, my teams stink, let's share some laughs.

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