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Hey guys, my name is Blayke James Fewkes!  I am a newly member of the PROSPORTSEXTRA TEAM, you can call me Fewkesy.

Just thought I’d take a few minutes of your time to let you know a little about myself.

I am 22 years of age, currently located in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia), were I was born and raised by two very supporting parents that are always pushing me to be the best i can be just like my 2 younger sisters whom are also so very supportive in their own way.

I come from a family who have always been very close, which I am very happy to be apart of. My dad has recently just had a baby, giving me my first half brother which is pretty wicked too. My inspiration would have to be my nan who is sadly not here with me anymore but she was a HUGE part of my life, I couldn’t of got where I am today without her.



In my spare time I love listening to Hip Hop Grime, especially by artists like Chillinit & Madchild they are my two DAMN favourite rappers to have hit the surface in more ways then one. I dunno, just guess that I can relate to their music that they make and personally think that without their insane lyrics & dope ass styles that they’d just be like ANY other rapper to me.

Not that I’m proud to mention it.. but my favourite AFL team is The Damn ESSENDON Bombers! They were an amazing team till they got in with the silly drugs and stuffed themselves, kinda sort of like me, but I will get back to that..

I really enjoyed sports like Boxing, which I got involved with for 3 years, and also Football, which I played for a solid 5 years. Sadly my involvement with sport got put to a halt and all dreams of going further in the Football an Boxing scene got killed when silly me started punching boxing bags gloveless and had to have surgery on my right hand resulting in fucking arthritis… shattered!

After having the surgery on my hand it was really difficult to do anything, normal day to day things were even hard to do which sucked balls, especially when it was cold asf. So that was when I turned to gaming, which would be the main thing I would do to keep myself sane. I wasn’t too great to start off with, but after a few months I started rocking Call of Duty. Loved it so much I once made it into The Top 10 Best Quick Scopers for PC in Australia and at the time I was only 14! Ever since then I have had a crazy passion for Gaming and have now got very into the trending Fortnite Game.



I was lucky enough to go to half decent schools where we weren’t all degenerates, had some pretty amazing friends which made my school journey a lot more enjoyable and cruisey.

In primary school at Herdsman’s Cove Primary, I was such a goody two shoes, but then when I attended high school at Rosetta High school, I got in with the wrong people and around the wrong scenery, making me drop my grades dramatically and involving myself with drugs. Started smoking marijuana cones quite frequently in just grade 8, skipping school just to get high.. Took a little for my brain cells to recover lol, but after a few years of picking my game up, I realized it wasn’t for me and gladly left that scene behind. Heading to college at Claremont College I enjoyed it a lot more and attended multiple classes all the way to year 12 where I was offered a great opportunity to work and earn myself some $$ dollar.

Anyway, fast forward to 4 years later and I’ve got a lot to show for myself. Working for Metro Busses, being a leader/role model in the United Army Cadets Force for the juvenile/undisciplined kids, being the Lieutenant for the Cadets, and working in and for a take away store, helped me gain a fair few traits and the amazing opportunities that I was lucky to be involved with landed me with my Working With Children Card, my First Aid Certificate and my White Card.

And now to today, I have the most amazing  partner Lils, who I’ve been with for over a year now. Together we have our own little house that we share with our 2 doggies, Nitro and Storm, and our little fur-ball kitty called Queen, and I’ve never been happier with myself, how far I’ve come and also where I’m going in life!

I look forward to hopefully making new mates from this TEAM of amazing people and I’m excited to supply you all with some wicked reads!


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