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All Saints/NFL Fans Should WATCH This Video of Detroit Lions getting screwed out of Multiple WINS by referees times

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The misery. The losses. The frustration. Being seconds away from winning, but the referees put the game into their hand and either call the wrong call, or don’t call anything at all. Welcome to the NFL.

The New Orleans Saints fans and organization are appalled after their last loss… More than that though, fans of the entire NFL are upset. Why can referees continue to screw games?

Missed call? 100%. Saints should be in the Super Bowl. But the referees once again miss a call.

Let’s take a rewind though. The Detroit Lions have been screwed countless of times throughout the past couple of seasons. And well some Lions fans are getting annoyed of hearing about the Saints missed call.

This Detroit Lions fan put together a collection of missed calls against Detroit that should have been called. Lions fans, I cried watching this as well….

Growing up a Lions fan…. Has been tough. That video makes it 10X harder. NFL please find a way for each play to be reviewed QUICKLY. And moved onto the next play. This is getting sickening

Fix it Roger.

I’m not saying the Saints game wasn’t a bad missed call.. I believe the Saints should have another chance to finish that game.

But here is one more video of some of those missed calls by referees against the Detroit Lions..

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