All Elite Wrestling Fined $10,000 by Maryland State Athletic Commission

The Maryland State Athletic Commission has fined All Elite Wrestling (AEW) $10,000 for the “unsanctioned” match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley at the promotion’s Full Gear pay-per-view on November 9, 2019. AEW entered into a consent decree to resolve the matter. According to, a consent decree is:

an order of a judge based upon an agreement, almost always put in writing, between the parties to a lawsuit instead of continuing the case through trial or hearing.

AEW Full Gear featured an unsanctioned match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega.

You may recall that the match between Moxley and Omega featured a great deal of blood which apparently violated Maryland’s laws regarding professional wrestling. You may also recall that former WCW announcer Chris “Don’t Call Me a Rat” Cruise stooged out AEW to the Maryland State Athletic Commission, asking the state’s no-blood rule wasn’t enforced. An investigation commenced and now it appears AEW and Maryland have reached an agreement. Take a look at part of the consent decree


“During a match between licensed wrestlers Jonathan Good and Tyson Smith, both Mr. Good and Mr. Smith suffered lacerations which caused blood to be introduced into the ring. Upon review of the matter, the Commission determined that administrative charges against the Respondent were appropriate for alleged violations of Maryland law pertaining to wrestling contests and related regulations.”

Each wrestler was fined $5,000 each for the violation. No word if AEW President Tony Khan will get the money from spare change in his car or throw a roll of $100’s like Frank White did in King of New York.


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