Alexandra Cooper Gave Logan Paul A BowJob?

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Alexandra Cooper who hosts the popular podcast, Call Her Daddy, admitted while on BFFs podcast hosted by Brianna Chickenfry, Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards that Logan Paul has been telling people that she gave him the Gluck Gluck 9000. Aka a blow job.

Besides that there are rumors going around that the two of them actually hooked up and had sex. But Cooper wanted to clarify that she did give him head. But they didn’t have sex.

She said that Logan Paul apparently can’t keep his mouth shut.

This happened in 2019 when Cooper and her then cohost Sofia Franklyn traveled to Los Angeles to be on Logan’s podcast, ImPaulsive.

The two of them almost look like brother and sister:

Another point that was noted during the episode was that Coopers former host Sofia Franklyn is telling people she has some dirt on Dave Portnoy and that if you have anything on him to reach out to her. Wild.

You can watch the episode of BFFs below:

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