Aleister Black Returning To WWE Already?

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Last week, WWE released a plethora of talent.

Braun Strowman was let go, reportedly due to a huge contract that wasn’t paying off. Aleister Black was released, despite just returning to television during a main event match and having promos hyping up his new persona. Santana Garrett, Ruby Riott and Lana were let go to make room for a new crop of NXT call ups. Murphy was released also. All in all, it was a big group of guys and gals that made headlines all over the world.

I was okay with some of the cuts, as horrible as that sounds. Others though, were definitely head scratching.

For instance, Braun Strowman may not have always been the ‘monster’ he was hyped up to be. He was still a giant, he was just re-signed, he was recently in the main event mix on WWE Raw, and he was a company guy. Braun has said he will never wrestle elsewhere (we’ll see) and was all for WWE through and through. Even his ‘thank you’ message on Twitter was very nice and cordial. Doesn’t appear to be any bad blood involved…minus the abrupt exit of course. It would not shock me in the least if he returned down the road.

Speaking of, PWInsider dropped an interesting tidbit today on one Aleister Black.

According to the report, some in WWE believe he was released too prematurely, with those backstage already pushing for him to be brought back.

My response to that is YES! YES! YES!

Now if there was anybody of the recently released group that would come back in the not so distant future, it is Aleister Black. Not even a doubt in my mind. I made a video last week discussing all the cuts, and I said the same thing. WWE does indeed release guys and then bring them back, either for cheaper deals or when an idea/story line comes up for them. It is not THAT surprising when a talent leaves the company, only to return. Heck, Aleister Black’s wife Zelina Vega was let go back in late 2020 and is rumored to be on her way back. Still have to wait and see on that…but the point stands. Here I am talking about this all last week:

Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Daniel Bryan, and countless others have been released from WWE, only to return later on better than ever.

I would not have released Aleister Black last week. No chance. At the same time, if they felt a certain way about him or whatever, okay. Since then, he has been super thankful and has not burned the bridge at all. Some guys do that immediately and later regret it. Aleister Black hasn’t ripped WWE or bashed the creative writing team, etc. Nope, he has been grateful and appears to just be chilling at home right now. Cool.

Hopefully, WWE does bring him back. No problem with correcting mistakes in life…

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