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Airplane Traveling to Upper Peninsula Had Woman Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus Onboard

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Passengers onboard a plane landing at Chippewa County International Airport (located in Kinross Township in the Eastern Upper Peninsula) were asked to self-isolate for 14 days, after learning they had a woman who tested positive for the Coronavirus with them. reports that a Canadian woman, assuming to be in her 50s, was traveling to the Upper Peninsula on Delta Airlines flight 4212 on March 15 and went home to Algoma, Ontario.

Just a day later on March 16, she notified the Algoma Public Health (APH) that she had developed respiratory issues.

The woman was transported over via EMS to the Sault Area Hospital that same day. After testing was done, she was discharged and is currently in self-isolation, following public health guidance and monitoring.

MLive also said in their story that if any resident from Algoma that was on the Delta 4212 flight is asked to contact APH or their local public health system.

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