After Day 1: The XFL Did Not Disappoint

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Our country has developed, perfected, and is proud to be the home of gridiron football. 

Instead of waiting until the NFL Draft in late April, and then onto training camps and preseason football, Vince McMahon brought back a league that needed to spice a few more things up. McMahon was one for saying that the NFL needed to make some changes in order to appeal to an audience that was frustrated with inconsistent calls or rulings. This league hopefully helps create more big plays and a fast-paced games with teams taking chances on just about anything.

There are eight teams to help revitalize the league. Teams in 2020 are divided up into the Eastern or Western Conference, dependent on geographic location. The Eastern Conference sports the DC Defenders, New York Guardians, St. Louis BattleHawks, and Tampa Bay Vipers. The Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, LA Wildcats, and Seattle Dragons make up the Western Conference.

On Saturday, there were two games to kick off the season, as the DC Defenders took care of the Seattle Dragons 31-19, and the Houston Roughnecks handled the LA Wildcats with ease, 37-17. There were some great hits, a lack of conditioning or nerves showed on the field, and some “F-Bombs” with the live interviews with the coaches and the players – in an effort to get the fans exposed more with what’s going on during the game. From an outsider’s po int of view, there was some sloppiness, but in general, two really good, fun games of football.

Living in Minnesota and a good distance away from a XFL team, I’m not sure which team I will cheer for. However, I know I’ll continue to follow the league extensively, as with a few minutes to spare, seven of my buddies and I created a Fantasy Football League for this XFL season. We didn’t recognize any of the names, but with a couple of weeks, I’m sure we will see them all coming into light and making a name for themselves. These guys on the gridiron have nothing to lose, and it’s awesome to have a sport to watch now between NFL football and baseball coming up in a month or two.

Who’s ready for Sunday? I know I am. You can catch the action on FOX. -WGL

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