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This week’s edition of AEW Dark was taped, last Wednesday evening, prior to AEW Dynamite from Austin, Texas.

Watch The Full Episode Below…

AEW Dark Results

Match 1 – Kris Statlander vs Diamante

Statlander gets right into the referee’s face before the match begins. The bell rings & Statlander slaps Diamante’s hand away from her. Statlander throws Diamante down & embarrasses her with a double wet-willy, lefts her up & drills her with a step-up enziguri. Diamante tries to roll up Statlander to steal a victory but Statlander kicks right out. Statlander then counters with a quick German-suplex then hits the “Big-Bang Theory” for the win.

Match 2 – Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy) vs TH2 (Jack Evans & Angelico)

Trent hits Evans with a quick takedown right after the match begins. The 2 teams encounter in a nice, back & forth, each team switching momentum. Trent & Evans back in the ring as Trent & Taylor hit a double-cutter combination, Trent goes for the cover but Evans is able to kick out at 2. Orange Cassidy hops up onto the apron & hits Evans with a couple of classic, Orange Cassidy kicks as Best Friends hug in the middle of the ring. Best Friends then hit the “Strong Zero” on Evans for the win.

Match 3 – Big Swole vs Christi Jaynes

Swole sends Jaynes into the corner the second the bell rings as Jaynes then returns the favor. Swole hits Jaynes with a nasty headbutt. Swole then hits the “Dirty Dancing” to pickup the victory.

Match 4 – Young Bucks vs QT Marshall & Peter Avalon (with Leva Bates)

This a what you would guess by reading the participants…a fun, Young Bucks squash victory. The Bucks get some nice, vintage Bucks offense in as Avalon is visibly shaken up & hugs Marshall on the apron. Bates tries to distract Matt Jackson with a book as Matt slaps it out of her hands. Bates picks it up & whacks him with it. The Bucks pickup the win by hitting the “Meltzer Driver” on Avalon.

That wraps up this week’s edition of AEW Dark. Stay with PSE & myself on Twitter (@tvttedwhiteboy) for immediate reaction & results to AEW Dynamite, later tonight!


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