Addison Rae Attempts To Punch Barstool Sports Employee For Using “Clickbait” Headline About Her! @whoisaddison @karimtbe

It was just another day in the city when Barstool Sports president, Dave Portnoy, decided to have yet another pizza review. But this time was a different, as he had a guest of epic proportions by his side, none other than social media breakout star, Addison Rae.

Portnoy was very complimentary of her and her recent success, and at the beginning of the review pointed out that a man named Karim, a Barstool employee who was present for the pizza review, was the one who put out a clickbait headline about her recently.

After a some what lackluster review of the pizza they were eating (Dave have it a 6.2 while Addison gave it a 6.8), when the review actually stopped, the camera kept rolling and caught Addison attempt to punch Karim for using the clickbait headline. You can see the video below.

Now after reviewing the video, it was obviously a playful punch. Addison clearly meant no harm and didn’t even try to come close to hitting Karim. However, maybe Karim should take a lesson and not producing clickbait articles. It’s slightly immoral and even unethical if I do say so myself!

You can watch the full pizza review here with Dave Portnoy and Addison Rae!


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