Adam Gase Must Be Fired Friday Morning

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I don’t know if there is much more to say if you are watching the Thursday Night Football game God Bless you because wow these two teams stink. I know the Jets aren’t a good team, I am fully aware of that but that lack of creativity on Adam Gase’s part is horrendous, this man can’t coach and should be fired tonight.

You don’t need to hit me with ‘it will be detrimental to the team if you fire him four weeks into the season’ things can’t get much worse and the Jets need to find life somehow. This dude RUINS everything he touches. Sam Darnold so far has displayed that he clearly isn’t the problem and he needs better coaching and players around him because he cannot do this alone.

Adam Gase simply doesn’t care and it is disgusting to watch there is absolutely no enjoyment in watching this team and with Gase at the helm it won’t be any better. Change needs to start and hopefully that will be Friday morning the ship is sinking and it needs a new captain and fast. God help all Jet fans if Adam Gase is still the Jets head coach after this week.

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