Adam Ferrone ‘Rone’ From Barstool Sports Drops Rap Battle Against A Dish Washer – @_rone

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Being stuck inside and quarantining yourself from majority of other people can be tough and boring. Especially if you’re a sports blogger, there’s no sports going on! That’s why it pay’s off to be multi talented.

Rone is known as being one if not THE best freestyle rap battle kings in the World! He’s also known as being one of the funniest employees at Barstool Sports. With everyone being stuck inside because of CoVID-19 everyone has been waiting to hear if Rone would be dropping new music or post any free styles.

The answer is yes, he posted a video today of him having a rap battle with the dish washer. Titling it: Day 18 of quarantine: had a rap battle with the dish washer.

Hopefully he drops more music soon!

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