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Adam Cole Pushes Ty Schmit During Live Pat McAfee Show, Freaks Out At Pat, Get’s Right In McAfee’s Face, Makes Fun Of Him For Being A Punter! Breaks Mic and Headphones – @PatMcAfeeShow @tyschmit

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During a live episode of The Pat McAfee show on YouTube, Pro Wrestler Adam Cole ended up feeling disrespected by comments made by McAfee.

Cole then started making fun of McAfee for being a punter got up into McAfee’s face – then cohost Ty Schmit got up and tried to stop it.

Cole then pushed Schmit as more or it broke out. Cole broke a microphone and a headset as he stormed out.

Ty Schmit posted on Twitter about what happened:

You can watch the full episode here:

Needless to say, the internet is on McAfee’s side.

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