ACC Pushes Onward With Football Season While The Rest Of The Power 5 Sit On Their Asses

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The past 3-4 days have been absolute mayhem in the college football world. It all started at the end of last week when Pac-12 & Big-10 players were forming there own unions, in light of the current global pandemic. Soon after that there were big rumors that both conferences might cancel their fall football seasons. Then after that in the middle of the weekend the were even bigger rumors that all Power 5 conferences would shit down their seasons. By Sunday, every one in the college football community; from the fans, to the players, to the water boys, were all panicking. Personally if I don’t get to watch my Canes play at least one damn game this year, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I will probably have to find a therapist or go do Ayahuasca in South America. Later on Sunday night, the players, led by Trevor Lawrence started tweeting their desires to play with the hashtag #WeWantToPlay that went viral.

Justin Fields followed suit shortly after, and it’s a huge deal that the possible #1 & #2 overall picks still are choosing to play and not opt-out. Numerous players from around the country started tweeting the hashtag as well and soon after, a WSU player who is a graphic-design major created an image which the players then made viral as well.

Even more chaos erupted Monday. First in the morning, the Detroit Free Press (complete joke of a ‘newspaper’) reported that the Big-10 had voted to cancel their season, which sent everyone including ESPN, aka ESBS, into a frenzy. Later on, it turned out that there was no vote held at all:

Jim Harbaugh, Ryan Day, and Scott Frost during the same time said that they’d be interest in taking their teams to play in other conferences. Harbaugh was especially emphatic about why the season should not be cancelled.

Throughout this whole Big Ten frenzy, there was mumblings that the ACC would carry on with their season and later on today it turned out it was true:

My Canes are slated to continue practice tonight and it’s all systems go, full steam ahead for us. We’ll see what actually transpire with this situation, but at the moment I’m going to keep telling myself that there will be a Miami Hurricanes football season. Either way, these next few days are going to be absolutely insane. I hope that all Power 5 teams can figure out a way to get on the field this year. It’s still fuck the NCAA. What a clown show they are. They’re too afraid to give the players basic rights, or else all of this wouldn’t be happening. What the hell is Mark Emmert do anyway besides snitching on college kids getting a free meal? Its about time college football had their own commissioner.

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