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Aaron Rodgers Speaks On Ndamukong Suh During The Pat McAfee Show – Rodgers Wanted To Meet On The Field After The Game, But Suh Might Have Meant To Fight Him After The Game?! | @PatMcAfeeShow @AaronRodgers12 @NdamukongSuh @officialajhawk @VivalaZito @evanfoxy

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During today’s Pat McAfee Show on Sirius XM (Mad Dog) – McAfee, was joined as normal at 2PM by co-host A.J Hawk and just like every other Tuesday he was on air with Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

Obviously with Rodgers and Ndamukong Suh getting into it during Tampa Bay’s huge win over Green Bay – McAfee had to ask about it.

This is a rivalry that’s been going on since Ndamukong Suh was drafted by Detroit. From Detroit’s D-Line being one of the meanest in the league back then – to Suh stomping on Rodgers…

This game was highly anticipated. Suh showed up and Rodgers didn’t.

Pat Mcafee asked Rodgers about Suh:

Then it went on to talk about the good ol’ Detroit Lions days with Kyle Vanden Bosch and Ndamukong Suh.

Kyle  Vanden  Bosch and those scary red eyes!! | Lions football, Detroit  lions, Lions

Aaron Rodgers said that he thought Rodgers and Suh would meet up on the field after the game. But he wasn’t sure if Suh ran off the field. Rodgers wanted them to have a conversation for a couple of minutes after the game and get things off of their chests. Then Rodgers started thinking Suh might have meant to meet him off the field to fight.

“Don’t be scared.” – Ndamukong Suh

“You and I need to have a conversation or something after the game.” – Rodgers

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