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Aaron Rodgers Seen Drinking Beer In The Back Of David Bakhtiari’s Truck

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Did we just witness Aaron Rodgers sitting in the bed of a truck, drinking a case of beer in front of Lambeau Field?? Now I understand there are a lot of lookalikes in the world, which was my first guess when I first saw this video:

But it turns out that it was him, and he came out and tweeted that it was him. David Bakhtiari also came out and confirmed that it was his truck that Rodgers was sitting in the back of. “MVP’s ride in the trunk” he stated:

It is funny that he is caught drinking beer with David Bakhtiari, after his historical embarrassment of the beer chugging at the basketball game. David chugged his beer like it is his job, Rodgers on the other hand…Well If you haven’t seen that yet, then here it is:

Now Is there anything wrong with him riding in the trunk of a car with a what seems to be empty case of beer? No, but I’m sure the clown of Roger Goodell could find something to hurt him with. But Rodgers is starting to come off as a man for the people, and this definitely helps his case. He seems to be enjoying his offseason so far, after his crushing defeat to Brady in the Conference final.

Once Rodgers had a very good heartfelt farewell messages after leaving his streak of being on the Pat McAfee show. He continued to grow the #ForTheBrand off the field, with being active on twitter with Portnoy, McAfee, and other entertainment purposes.

Now I am not saying that I am a big fan of Rodgers just yet, but he has done some good and funny things in the last couple weeks that made my respect for him go up a little.

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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