Aaron Rodgers Praises Matthew Stafford

This is some awesome stuff from Rodgers. One of the few times we Lions fans will actually like what Aaron has to say. He hits the nail right on the head. Everyone praises Mahomes for these sidearm passes and no-look throws, when in reality that’s been happening for a bit. Stafford has been throwing sidearm passes since he was drafted, but when he did it, he was criticized. Now that Mahomes has been doing those passes, it is all of a sudden something we have never seen before.

It’s great to hear Rodgers praise Stafford. He just said what all Lions fans have been saying. Stafford is awesome and plays for one of the worst franchises ever. Not his fault the team continues to fail to build around him. Now that one of the best quarterbacks ever just said what Lions fans have been saying is fantastic to hear. If you want to argue with one of the best quarterbacks to play the game then be my guest. The Lions ruined Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, and it is sadly looking like they will do the same to Matthew Stafford. A true shame this organization has failed him so many times.

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Will Pruitt

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