Aaron Rodgers May Retire Before Returning To The Green Bay Packers

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The Aaron Rodgers drama has just went from 0-60 in less than 24 hours.

While he was not traded during Thursday night’s 2021 NFL Draft, the fun hasn’t died down quite yet. ESPN’s Adam Schefter has kept us all up to date on his unhappiness in Green Bay. Then you had the usual clowns showing up to post on what their ‘sources’ are saying. Guys like AJ Hawk, Mark Schlereth, and even Chad Ocho Cinco have all chimed in. Today brought us a new twist though. From Ian Rapoport:

Retirement? Wow. Pulling the classic Brett Favre move. As is noted, both sides are dug in. Packers are NOT going to trade him. We are seeing a similar situation with the Houston texans and their own disgruntled quarterback. They are NOT going to trade him (at least right now). Thus, since he is under contract, the only real leverage Rodgers has is to threaten retirement…and that appears to be his next step. Stomp your feet and throw a hissy fit. The ‘leaking’ of the original story Thursday clearly didn’t work. Now you move to  a more extreme measure – simply not play.

Yes, he would have to forfeit roughly $25 million, but this is Aaron Rodgers. He could make that in an instant with endorsements and outside projects. Even if the Jeopardy thing is just a bluff, who cares? That much money doesn’t mean much to athletes these days, especially stars. Lebron James and others make MORE off the playing court/field than on. All they’re really out there for his legacy and/or championships. If they are happily fulfilled in that aspect, yes, they could easily walk away with no real damage.

Now do I think Rodgers is going to retire? No.

I know his agent pulled off a similar move years back, but this doesn’t fit Rodgers. He may be a prima dona, crybaby, cocky, and all those things…but he is not going to walk away from football at age 37 due to disliking a few people and being petty. Out for revenge, upset, under appreciated, etc. Whether it’s for the Packers, Broncos, Raiders, 49ers or whoever, Rodgers has an ego where he NEEDS one more Super Bowl ring. For all the Favre stuff, all the NFL Draft crap from when he fell – that chip on his shoulder would not allow him to sulk his way to an early retirement.

My gut still says the same, as it has from the start – Packers make this right, pay him a fat sum and trade for some star players. My head is starting to let reality creep in. the Packers didn’t do that for Favre, and they certainly aren’t doing it for Rodgers (as we have seen numerous times). Heck, they drafted a freakin’ quarterback last year, let’s not forget! Don’t even mention the whole field goal fiasco from the NFC Championship. Lots of blame to go around. I don’t know if this relationship can be repaired. We are either at the point of no return or very close to it.

Watch this video I made earlier today with my full thoughts:

R-E-L-A-X! Are The Green Bay Packers Really Going To Trade Aaron Rodgers? #NFLDraft #NFL #Rumors – YouTube


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